World Stem Cell Institute

World Stem Cell Institute is a scientific organization established to educate the general public about stem cells, their ethical use in general, potential benefit of stem cell treatments by diseases, publishing the on-going stem cells research accomplishments in our laboratories and provide stem cell clinical trials to  those that can’t afford the cost of a stem cell treatments and associated housing cost during treatment. To provide education and products that improve the public quality of life.

World Stem Cell Institute

The officers of World Stem Cell Institute are dedicated to promoting and aiding World Stem Cell Institute to achieve its goals for 2016 of providing financial assistance to patients who would benefit from a stem cell treatment but do not have the funds required for the stem cell treatment or costs while undergoing a stem cell treatment and research to provide better treatments and advance stem cell configurations. They also will be part of ongoing Clinical trials on stem cell therapy.

The following is a snapshot of the two programs we have undertaken:

World Stem Cell Institute

1.  ASD (Autism) PROGRAM– research at our laboratory and required clinical trials are hoped to improve the outcome of stem cell treatments  for autistic children and provide financial support to treatments for those who cannot afford the cost ,

2.  Anti-Aging PROGRAM–Age Management with the use of a specific new cell line  that would rejuvenate and reverse aging.  The company will  publish the findings of the research by news releases which would made information available to the general public, medical organizations and scientist all at the same time.


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